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Suntrust Bank Personal Banking

Suntrust Bank Personal Banking

Suntrust is one of the most loyal names of the banking sector in the USA. Across the US, it has 1,497 branches. Over 26,000 employees are serving the customers and clients. From business to personal services, Suntrust is the one reliable name for the customers.

Suntrust bank provides 4 different types of banking services. They are personal, small business, wealth management and commercial and corporate services. For the personal purpose, Suntrust bank personal banking is for the customers’ convenience. Here, you will know about this service.

Suntrust Bank Personal Banking

Suntrust personal banking

Suntrust personal banking has some great benefits. These benefits are divided into few parts.

  1. Personal checking accounts
  2. Select checking
  3. Signature advantage checking
  4. Balanced banking
  5. Features and benefits
  6. Overview guides and disclosure

These features enable a customer to get the best personal services with less cost.

  • Personal checking accounts service helps to check the account instantly without any extra charge. There are multiple ways that you can check your personal account without any fee.
  • Select checking account feature helps the customers to choose the standard checking account feature. This checking feature includes a rewarding feature with checking benefits by the bank. Is also helps the customers to avoid the maintenance cost every month.
  • Signature advantage feature helps an account holder to enjoy some great benefits like ATM transaction fee refunds, earning interest, annually zero fees for small Safe Deposit, 3 different free transfer of funds to any financial institution for 30 days and free unlimited money transfer with any Suntrust account.
  • Balanced banking helps a customer to protect him from the risk of over drafting. Sometimes overdraft problems can be happened when customers use debit card and their transaction decline due to the lack of fund in their accounts.
  • You will get other facilities like checking routing information, online check recorder, account alerts, foreign currency exchange and overdraft service.

For more details of Suntrust bank personal banking, go to this link


Suntrust bank online banking

For making the banking jobs easier, Suntrust bank offers online banking for their customers. Customers just need to open an online account to their website. There are lots of benefits of having a Suntrust online account. The main benefit is to operate the account staying at home or at the office. Customers don’t need to go to the branch of the bank.

A smartphone or laptop enables an account holder to operate his account from anywhere at any time. Customers can shop and pay the the bill without any cash because Suntrust online banking helps to pay the the bill through online. Easy access to the account is provided by this service. Customers can check the information of the account at any time. All the data of the account are easily collectible and customers can print them too. Moreover, there are discounts on paying bills if the customers pay through online.

If you want to know more about Suntrust online banking, click on this link


Looking for a bank which has safe personal banking? SunTrust is the best destination for you with having online banking facility too.

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