PNC Bank Personal Banking – PNC Personal Int...

PNC Bank Personal Banking – PNC Personal Internet Banking

PNC Bank Personal Banking

PNC Bank Personal Banking

Founded in 1845, PNC is now one of the largest financial corporations in the USA. For the customers and clients, PNC has lots of smart services. PNC Bank Personal Banking is one of them. Customers get lots of benefits from this service. Here we will know about the details of this service.


PNC Personal Banking

PNC has its headquarters is Pennsylvania. It has its branches 19 states of the USA. It has total 2,600 branches and 9,000 ATMs. All the branches of PNC offer personal banking. A customer just needs an account in the bank for personal banking.

PNC Bank Personal Banking

  • PNC offers the customers the highest performing checking account. Customers will get a premium account with enhanced benefits if they have accounts.
  • As a dedicated private banker, PNC offers a loyal service to the customers. All the information will be kept secret. Customers can operate their accounts safely.
  • Customers will earn interest on their amount kept in the bank. They will get interests if they have the amount of $2,000 or more in the account.
  • There are free PNC ATM transactions for the customers. There are also non-PNC ATM transactions. Customers will get limited reimbursement of non-PNC ATM surcharges.
  • Customers will get the ATM statements for free. It will give them freedom to know the actual statements of their transactions.
  • There are more than 8 free personal checking for savings and money market accounts. Customers can save money.
  • PNC gives free domestic wire transfer for easy transaction of the money and there is free overdraft protection for the safety of the account.
  • Customers will get another great service and benefit if they take loans against their deposits. PNC provides discounts on the rate of interest if they take loans. Consumers can save some extra cash by this service.
  • Customers will get more than $10,000 insurance for identity theft reimbursement from PNC. And there is annual $100 fee discount for the Safe Deposit Box for the convenience of the customers.
  • You can know more about personal banking of PNC if you click no this link



  • Having an account to the PNC enables you to take loans. Consumers can a fixed rate of interest if they borrow a certain amount of money and the rate of interest will be available over the whole term of the loan.
  • Customer will get Home Equity line of credit available all the time and allowed to pay interest a variable rate only on the amount that you used.


PNC Internet Banking

For the customers of PNC, there is internet banking facility. A customer can enjoy the benefits of internet banking if he has an online account. Here are the facilities.

  • No need to go the branch of the bank.
  • Customers can pay bills and buy from online shops.
  • Discounts on the payments.
  • Transfer funds staying at home or at the office.
  • Easy and quick access to the account from any place at any time.
  • Laptop or smartphone is enough to do internet banking.
  • Easy handling of the transfers.
  • Simple and fast downloading of the statements.
  • Customers can collect and print the statements of the account and transactions easily from anywhere.
  • Apply for a loan through the internet.
  • More details about internet banking –


Searching for a bank for personal banking? PNC personal banking is the best solution for you. You have got the information. So let’s start from now.

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